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Electronics & Energy

Technologies in the area of green processes are constantly being developed and improved and many rely upon Graphite and Carbon products for success. The drive towards no fossil fuel electricity generation, for instance, had led to major advances in industries associated with Fuel Cells and Photovoltaics. Graphite and Carbon products are used somewhere in all these fields and Tokai Carbon has grades suitable for these applications.
The reliance on electrical equipment containing silicon chips is now overwhelming and most would not function without the addition of a silicon chip. However, without the use of high purity Graphite and Carbon products the manufacture of silicon itself would not be possible. The processes involved in the production of silicon, from extraction to purification and casting, use many different types of Graphite and Carbon parts as well as many post processes parts involving purification, coating and machining. Tokai Carbon has developed a range of products designed to be used in the Silicon Value Chain.
LED lighting is another rapidly emerging industry and Graphite is an integral part of the process of making the diodes that form the heart of an LED light.

The materials and grades recommended by Tokai Carbon for these applications are shown in the table below:

Application Extruded/Moulded Graphite Isotropic Graphite Tokarec
CZ Method Si Crystal Pulling
Heaters G330S
Crucibles G347, G348 CC27MFS
Heat Shields G330, G330S or G347S CC27MFS
DSS Method
Backing Plates & Base Plates G347, G330 CC28NF
Heating Elements G347, G330 CC28NF
Siemens Process
Heaters FE250S G330 or G330S,
Chucks FE250S
Thermal Shields G140 CC27MFS
Internal and External Shields for STC Reactors FE250S SiC coated Graphite CC27MFS
Quartz Crucible Production
Electrodes EE470S G330
Moulds EE470S G330
UMG Silicon Production
Crucibles EE250, G140 G330
Moulds EE250, G140 G330
Susceptors SiC coated Graphite