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It is difficult to make a list but almost every object we come into contact with every day will have been in contact with graphite at some stage in its production cycle, anything from needles to nuclear reactors.

Tokai Carbon has a range of graphite grades to suit most applications. If you tell us the application and process parameters we will recommend our most suitable materials.

This is mainly the method of production and the influence on properties. Isotropic is pressed from all sides and is finer grained whereas extruded has larger grains and the properties differ with the grain direction.

The most time consuming parts of the process are the heat treatment stages. The baking stage turns the soft mould block to a hard carbon block and the graphitising stage restructures the block to form graphite. Both stages together take about 4 months.

Providing there is no oxygen present graphite can withstand more than 2500oC

Depends on the type of graphite. Isotropic blocks can be 1500mm x 1500mm x 300mm at the largest and extruded or moulded blocks could be 600mm x 600mm x 2400mm long.