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Tungsten Carbide Tubing

Application – The extreme high density, strength and high melting point of tungsten carbide make it an excellent choice for eroding production holes where electrode wear is a factor. When eroding exotic work pieces such as tungsten carbide and nickel super alloys, other electrode materials tend to break down much more rapidly. Tungsten carbide tube is recommended for eroding holes in any of these, including steel with superb electrode life. The main disadvantage with tungsten carbide tube is the low metal removal rate.
Since tungsten carbide can only be machined with diamond cutting tools or by EDM, it is not practical to produce formed electrodes, and for this reason we do not offer it in large or round bars or plate form. It is available in solid rod form, however due to its cost we recommend our pure tungsten wire as a much more economical material. As an EDM electrode, both tungsten carbide and tungsten have similar eroding characteristics.

TC9 Tubing –
0.015″ to 0.25″ OD and 0.006″ to 0.125″ ID — 6″