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Copper is recommended for wired electrodes, highly detailed engraved electrodes and parts that require a polished finish.

Copper Tungsten

Copper Tungsten is recommended for intricate cavities and deep slots where limited flushing exists. For use on exotic materials.

Tungsten Carbide Tubes

Extreme high density, strength and high melting point make tungsten carbide an excellent choice for eroding production holes where electrode wear is a factor.


Telco is recommended as a machinable alternative to pure copper and is highly recommended for use on newer power supplies and imported EDM machines designed to work best with copper.

Tungsten Wire

More resistant to wear than any other material. Tungsten wire is mostly used for fine hole drilling.

Silver Tungsten

The high conductivity of silver means the smallest current can be carried, giving negligable spark gap, fine surface finishes and the highest possible accuracy.